Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Amazing Books for Your Amazing Baby

I have been on the hunt for some lovely books for Isabelle my 10 week old daughter. She is an inquisitive little lady, and hearing me reading (badly) just isn't enough for her brand-spanking-new superbrain. I stumbled across Amazing Baby books in the local library and Izzie was entranced upon first glance. Baby faces, bold black and white patterns, cutout shapes and swirly-whirly psychedelic wheels, make these books an absolute must-have for your little one. 
We borrowed two titles from from the library, Black and White and Look at Me, and both books never fail to put a gorgeous gummy smile on my little cherubs face, it is no wonder that they are part of an award winning series. I highly recommend you look out at your local library or bookshop for Amazing Baby books, they make reading with your baby so much more fun, and you can trust that they work wonders for your little ones active and rapidly developing brain.



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