Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Embellished Dresses and Golden Tresses

I just had to show you this absolutely stunning dress from River Island.
To be honest I'm not usually keen on River Island clothing, it never fits me well and I find it a little overpriced for the quality. This dress, however, that I discovered in the 'last chance to buy' rail, and later found out was an Internet return, has totally changed my opinion. It is quite simply, beautiful. Not cheap at £100, but it feels fantastic to wear, so heavy with embellishment. I'm in love! I would actually wear this as a wedding dress! It's that nice! If I was getting married that is (hint, hint - dear other half!).

Going Gaga for Yellow Hair.

I have dyed my hair nearly every colour in the spectrum. I am certainly not afraid of colour! My favourites were platinum blonde, Barbie pink and a beautiful glossy red. Now, I think I'd like to try yellow. A beautiful sunshine shade, glossy and bold. Lots of women seem to be sporting a bright red barnet in true Rihanna style, and I imagine pink will follow soon, thanks to Nikki Minaj, so I think I will try adding a bit of Gaga glamour to my life with yellow locks. Wish me luck!


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