Thursday, 26 May 2011

Finding the Perfect Foundation - The Quest Begins.

I have been working in the beauty industry for 10 years, and in that time I have only found one foundation that works well on my skin, and does exactly what I need it to without compromise. It cannot be, that out of all the hundreds (probably thousands) of foundations available on the market, that there is just one, that is right for me. I am taking it upon myself to do the hard work, and buy, try, test and review as many foundations as I possibly can, for all of us girls that have countless half-used bottles of wrong shade, wrong type foundations hanging around in bedroom drawers and bathroom cupboards.  

Because we all have different requirements from our make up base, and our varied skin types mean that each foundation will perform slightly differently on each of us, I will enlist the help of some friends and family to give you a clearer picture of how good each product really is. This will be an ongoing quest that will probably continue for some months, so keep checking back and use the tags in the sidebar to find the best products and reviews for you. I will concentrate my efforts on low cost, highstreet cosmetics, but where and when I can, I will throw in the 'cream of the crop' of the designer brands.

So, Where to Begin?

I am going to start my foundation finding journey through the minefield of competitive cosmetics brands, with Maybelline New York. I went down to my local Boots yesterday and bought every one in their range, and the first one I will try will be 24H Superstay, so over the next couple of days I will update you on my findings.


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