Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Foundation on Test - Maybelline Dream Creamy

At long last I have found a lovely foundation that doesn't cost the earth!! I admit, I skipped ahead and still need to try out the 24H SuperStay again, but I was just dying to give this a go. I am not normally a fan of foundation in pans, because it is usually very thick and oily, and doesn't keep particularly well, but Maybelline Dream Creamy feels feather light, and is hydrating rather than heavy.

A light to medium coverage (probably more towards light), but makes your skin look so healthy, and I looked like I wasn't wearing any foundation at all - in a good way! Someone commented that I was looking great, 'glowing' in fact, always a good sign! This is a new firm favourite, which is surprising as I am usually a fan of stay-put, matt, heavy coverage base make-up. At only £8.19 at Boots (and 3 for 2 on Maybelline at the mo) it is an absolute steal for a daily use foundation.

I applied with a damp foundation brush, so coverage probably would be a little heavier using the sponge it comes with. It glides on effortlessly, and is super easy to blend. Well packaged, but on the downside it doesn't look like you get much - 14g, so it may not last long in comparison to a liquid which is usually about 30ml. I don't know how grams and mls compare in amount.

Maybelline say "Maybelline's unique cream-whipped process has combined rich hydration with a lightweight formula to create the most perfectly moisturising coverage. Blends seamlessly, feels fresh all day and creates visibly hydrated skin", and they are absolutely right. It does exactly that. I would give it a 7.5/10 - the only thing it loses points for is its staying power, which isn't great, but with a good powder to set, it would probably be just fine.

You have to try this foundation - especially anyone with a drier skin type, it is genuinely fabulous.

Edie xx


Lauren said...

I want to try this!
I hated the 24 hour foundation, it was heavy and generally just looked horrible on my skin! and it definately didn't last 24 hours!

Beverley said...

Yo Ed,

I'm definitely getting this! My skin is super dry and I always have trouble finding a decent foundation.

Thanks! Love the blog!

Bev P xxx

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