Friday, 27 May 2011

Maybelline 24H SuperStay on Test

I always have high hopes for 'long wear' foundations, I have been hoping to find a good one that costs under £25 for a long time. I use foundation daily, but my trusty Estee Lauder Double Wear is proving a little expensive now I have to live within a 'mummy budget'. So far, I have found nothing in the highstreet cosmetic brand collections that is comparable to Double Wears flawless coverage and staying power, so I was looking forward to giving this foundation a try.

What they say:
  • Non transfer (won't rub off) 24H makeup.
  • Heat, humidity and sweat resistant.
  • Flexible, breathable and oil free.
  • Stays flawless all day and feels light on the skin.
What I say:
  • Transfers after a couple of hours wear.
  • Definitely not heat, humidity and sweat resistant (in the slightest).
  • Does feel light, and doesn't 'break down' on the skin.
I have very oily skin, and today was a very busy and very humid day, so it was the ultimate test for this foundation, but it didn't hold out through my typical busy mums day of bus journeys, shopping, sunshine, socialising (and even a few tears).

This foundation might be right for someone with a less oily complexion, and a less chaotic lifestyle, but really, it does not do what it says on the tin. I applied it with my fingers (tut tut) at 10.30am, over my usual daily moisturiser, and I would say it had worn off almost completely by 5pm. I was in a rush, and didn't put much effort into my makeup this morning it has to be said, but for a product that claims to stay flawless for 24H, I would expect it to last a little longer.

It is easy to apply and blend, coverage starts out as light to medium but wears off quickly. I chose shade 030 Sand, which was a good match to my skin tone. Maybelline don't have a huge array of shades to choose from, but because this particular foundation isn't a heavy coverage base, it is easy to find a shade that will work on any skin tone without looking cakey.

I will give it another go tomorrow, to see if taking a bit more time to apply it, and using a foundation brush will improve it's performance. Fingers crossed.

Edie xx


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