Friday, 3 June 2011

Another Maybelline Foundation Review - The Eraser

Today I tried the most recent Maybelline foundation to be released, which is The Eraser. This is an anti-ageing foundation formula, so isn't really suitable for my oily, twenty-something skin. The exclusive 'micro-applicator' is an enticing selling point though, and it definitely grabbed my attention in the shop. Supposedly this foundation 'goes beyond covering and conceals as if erased', so here is what I thought:

Firstly, the applicator is almost as useless as that L'Oreal roll-on rubbish that was hyped a couple of years back. All it is good for is vaguely smearing it across the skin, to then blend with fingers, so you would be better just using your fingers in the first place; also although it says that the applicator will stay germ free, I am unconvinced. 
Coverage is medium, and the texture is very odd, kind of powdery-greasy. It gives a dewy sheen to the skin, which most anti ageing bases do, but for the £9.99 price tag, I would not recommend this to a friend. The shade is very, very orange, even though it is supposedly the same shade as the 24H SuperStay that I bought - Sand. All of the Maybelline foundations, are very inconsistent in shade between products, so if you are trying a different product from the range to your usual base, test it beforehand, before choosing your usual colour.  

My mum was eying this up, when she spotted it in my pile of 'new make up to test', so I think I will give it another chance to prove itself, on my mothers sixty-something skin, which is really the kind of skin it is designed for, before giving it a rating.

I will finish today with that final review of Maybelline 24H SuperStay foundation, as promised. I am still not impressed by it, even after a second try, so much so, that I gave it to my 16 year old stepdaughter (who gets through record amounts of foundation, usually found on carpets and bedding), as I know I won't be using it again because to be honest, it is just dreadful . It doesn't wear well, and it 'catches' on any imperfections on the skin. I am lucky enough to have a good clear complexion, but this foundation found, and highlighted even the slightest bit of dryness on my face. My rating - a very poor 3/10, it is really not a good product.

Edie xx


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