Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Beauty Baby Reviews Johnson's Baby Soothing Naturals

What mum doesn't want to care for her little ones delicate skin in the best possible way? These products from Johnson's Baby, are a lovely alternative to the usual baby oil, baby bath and Sudocrem that a lot of us mums use. I bought three products from the range, the Moisturising Bath, Intense Moisture Cream and the Nappy Cream.

All the products have a gorgeous fresh fragrance, which makes a nice change to the usual Johnson's Baby fragrance we are all so familiar with. The Nappy Cream has a nicer texture than Sudocrem, not quite as greasy and thick, but it still gives a nice protective film on baby's bottom to prevent nappy rash.

Left to Right - Intensive Moisture Cream and Nappy Cream

The Intensive Moisture Cream melts into the skin quickly, leaving is super soft and feeling both hydrated and soothed. It is not greasy at all which it great for use on baby, I actually use this for myself too, as it is really a very nice moisturiser!

Intensive Moisture Cream

I am yet to use the baby bath, but I trust it will be as nice as the other two products. They are a reasonable price at around £3.00 per product at Boots, but as with all baby products, you only need a tiny amount, so they will last ages. I picked up the Nappy Cream and Baby Bath at my local Poundworld though, so keep an eye out for them in pound shops near you (if you don't mind a bit of Polish/Greek writing on the packaging!). I only have one criticism of these products, and that is their 'Naturals' name. They are not even close to natural, so if this is an important factor for you when buying your babies toiletries, then bear that in mind. I compared the ingredients to the normal Johnson's baby bath, and actually there seems to be a whole lot more chemical ingredients in the Naturals baby bath, but it has the addition of some natural extracts like Chamomile and Aloe. All in all, these are nice products if you fancy a change from your usual baby toiletries.

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