Saturday, 11 June 2011

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Gloss Review, Swatches and Dupes

I have always loved Estee Lauder cosmetics, I find their quality is exceptional. You have to hand it to Estee Lauder's customer care department - I wrote to them after having a reaction to a mascara in one of their free gifts, and they let me choose products to the value of £50.00 from their range as compensation. They dealt with my enquiry/complaint really well, and I actually chose 3 products which totalled £54.00! They arrived this morning and I am very impressed.

I asked for my usual Double Wear foundation, a Double Wear eyeshadow primer and a Pure Color Gloss in 49 Frivolous Pink, I will just show you the gorgeous gloss, and some swatches today, and also a couple of good dupes if you don't fancy spending £15.50 on a lip gloss.

Pure Color Gloss in Frivolous Pink
Nicely Packaged with a Slim Applicator for Precision
The gloss is lovely to apply, it almost clings to my lips. Frivolous pink isn't a heavily pigmented shade, it just adds a pink sparkle, and creates the appearance of more pink and full lips. It is a long wearing gloss compared to others I have used, but is a little sticky.

I went and had a look in Boots and Superdrug to see if I could find another gloss that matched the Pure Colour, however the sparkle in it seems very unique, the glitter is so fine, and creates a stunning but subtle effect.

The two closest matches I found, were No7 Liplicious in Sweet Peaches which is £10.00 and a great budget buy was Beauty UK's Lip Lust in Barbie Girl for just £2.99. I only swatched these in the shop, so don't know how long they wear or feel on the lips. My camera didn't pick up the colours very well, but you can see the amazing sparkle in the Estee Lauder gloss, here are the swatches.

Clockwise from top left Beauty UK Lip Lust,
Estee Lauder Pure Color and No7 Liplicious
My favourite is by far the Estee Lauder, but the No7 alternative is really a very good match. I will definitely be buying it in the future. If you can get it with your £5 voucher, I recommend giving it a go.

Love Edie xx


Brittany Love said...

This colour is gorgeous! I think I will seriously have to add this to my collection when I get paid!
Also, that's a wonderful dupe to have found! Well done sugar :) xxx

Edie said...

It's cute isn't it! Shame my camera didn't pick up the glitter too well, or the swatches xx

The Beauty Group™ said...

This is such a pretty colour! Looks very much like my all time favourite lipgloss by Revlon.

Loving your blog and following :)

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