Thursday, 9 June 2011

Maybelline Foundation on Test - Dream Matte Mousse

This is my review of Dream Matte Mousse, after trying it out today. I have always disliked the look of Dream Matte Mousse, even though I have never tried it, as I see so many people wearing this foundation (teenagers in particular), and it usually looks dreadful. I can instantly tell if someone has this product on their face.

I knew I'd have to give my skin a bit of prep before applying the Dream Matte, so I gave it a thorough exfoliation and moisturise before using it. I often see it looking cakey on other people, which is what put me off buying it before.

I applied it with a damp foundation brush, and used a minimal amount. I always use a tiny amount of foundation, which is really all anyone needs. It has an unusual texture, almost powdery, and is fairly easy to apply and blend. It gives an instant mattifying finish, but my application method meant I still had a slight glow to the skin. (I am not a fan of the very matte foundation finish, it looks so unnatural, hence my damp foundation brush application method). I set with a powder and off I went to baby massage. By 12.30 - I was no longer matte. In fact it had totally melted on my skin. I applied it at 10.00am, so it is not very long wearing at all. This is probably down to my very (VERY) oily skin, but surely that is the target market for a mattifying foundation?! 

Overall, not too impressed with it, as I expected, but on the plus side they have a great range of shades compared to other foundation on the market. If you are going to use this - don't put it on a dry skin type, it will settle in to the tiniest of creases or pores, and cake around any imperfections. Ideally it would be best for a normal to combination skin. Be extra thorough with your skin prep to get a smooth finish, and don't use too much! It retails at around £8.00 at Boots, and Maybelline currently have a 'love it or your money back' promo on this foundation, so you won't lose anything by giving it a try.

Left to Right - Dream Satin and Dream Matte

Love Edie xx


benebelle said...

Really? This is actually my favourite foundation! Most people don't think I'm wearing any when I do! Though I seldom use the stuff anyway if I'm honest. I apply a light coverage and I use my fingers, I find it blends better that way. Though I have combination skin too so... Yeah, if you have dry skin, I imagine it'd be unsightly. I got two for a tenner when a while back in Superdrug and so I bought it on the off chance, and I've loved it ever since! x

Edie said...

Have to admit, I've used it a couple of times since, and it's not toooo bad I suppose! Still unconvinced by the matte finish though!

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