Tuesday, 7 June 2011

No7 Lipstick Swatches and Reviews

I have decided that I am going to start building a collection of lipsticks. I already have a ridiculously large collection of lip products already, that is ever expanding, but I think a gorgeous, well applied lip colour is a key look for any girl. I am a big fan of red lipstick, and have a few in my collection, but I want to be a bit adventurous and try some different shades.

I bought three new lippies from the No7 range with my £5 off vouchers, so will see how I get on with them, and I have also invested in a few MAC ones too that are on their way to me. Here is a swatch of the No7 lipstick shades, from left to right, 80 Coral Dream from the Moisture Drench collection, 06 Sparkle from the Sheer Temptation range, and 15 Forever Cherry from the Wild Volume range.

Here is a little bit about each one. The Moisture Drench lipstick applied easily, I prefer lipsticks that have that pointed teardrop shape as this one does, but the colour isn't really that strong. It is slightly frosted, and does feel nice and creamy on the lips. The Moisture Drench lipsticks are apparently a Style Magazine award winner for best lipstick, but I actually don't think it is worth the £10 price tag. I wouldn't buy it for that price anyhow. The frost effect kind of 'gathers' in the creases of my lips, and it doesn't wear that well. The non frosted shades in the range may be better though.

Coral Dream

Sheer temptations lipsticks are not for anyone who wants a bold lip colour. These are very sheer but they feel gorgeous to wear. I chose the shade Sparkle, because I wanted a lip colour to compliment a heavy bronzer make-up look. This is perfect. It glides on like a dream, is intensely hydrating, and gives a subtle wash of colour or in this case, sparkle. If you like to wear glosses, but hate the stickiness - this lipstick is your solution. Feels 'barely there' but gives an incredibly glossy finish. Other colours in the range do give a stronger colour, this is probably the most sheer/transparent of them all.


The Wild Volume lipstick is by far my favourite of the three. I love, love, LOVE it! Will be buying another for sure. Super creamy formulation, strong pigmentation, gorgeous glossy finish. What else do I need to say! The only downside is it isn't particularly long lasting because of it's creamy formulation, but I like this colour so much, that I don't mind topping up.
Forever Cherry

I still think No7 is a little overpriced at £10 for a lippy, MAC are far superior in quality for only £3.50 more, but when Boots have their offers, I think you get pretty good value for money. All of these lipsticks cost £5 each, which is pretty reasonable for the quality, and I have to say I wouldn't fork out £10 for any of them.

Can a girl ever have too many lipsticks?! I don't think so!!!

Edie xx


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Love the look of Forever Cherry & Coral Dream :-) x

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