Sunday, 10 July 2011

Update - I'm still here! Moving is taking longer than I'd hoped!

Hello lovely followers, I wanted to just drop in and say that I haven't abandoned blogging! The house move is taking forever with one thing and another, and of course looking after my little Isabelle too. I have the keys, I have some new sofas....and the final bits of furniture are being moved this week, so am hoping to be in before next weekend!! 

I got two absolute BARGAIN sofas from a second hand furniture warehouse near me, who sometimes get ex display or returned Marks and Spencer sofas. I got two medium size sofas for £400, and they usually cost upward from £700 EACH!!!

The style of one of my new sofas!

I decided to try a 'mix and match' style in my living room, so the two sofas don't match, in either colour or style, but it works perfectly! One is pale cream chenille (keeping that clean with children is going to prove difficult!), and the other is beige-brown woven fabric. 

Can't wait to be curled up on them next weekend! 

Love Edie xx


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