Saturday, 3 September 2011

Body Shop Earth Lovers - Paraben and Soap Free Shower Gel Review

I recently bought some Earth Lovers Shower Gel from The Body Shop, which I have been using religiously.  They make a real change from the bath and body products I usually grab for a quid from Home Bargains!

Boldly displayed and promoted in the store, as being 100% biodegradeable, soap, sulphate, paraben and colourant free; I was sucked in by their promotion and bought two for £7.50. I chose a Pear and Lemongrass one, and an Apricot and Basil fragranced one, after struggling to choose from a selection of yummy fresh fragrances.

It must be said that I have a very neutral opinion of these shower gels. They are most definitley not bad products, in fact they are really very nice....there is just something missing.

They lather really nicely, without the use of sodium laureth sulpate and the fragrances make a really nice change - they smell so fresh and natural and don't have that sickly sweet chemical smell. They are quite thin consistency  though, and you do need to use more product to get enough lather for full body bubble coverage!

The one negative thing I have noticed with these body washes in comparison to 'non-natural/soap free' products, is that when I have used them at the end of a hot and sunny day, having been slathered in SPF, I don't find that they remove it from my skin. I still feel a bit 'clammy' (nice!) and have even reached for the trusty Soap and Glory for a 're-wash' as I just wasn't satisfied, so I wouldn't recommend them for anyone who uses heavy moisturisers on their skin daily, or as a shower gel to put in your holiday washbag. They do leave your skin very soft and are not drying, so if you suffer with irritated or dry skin, these are worth a try - there is an un-fragranced one in the range too.

They cost £5.00 each, so not cheap, but I will definitely try them again, as the fresh fragrances make such a refreshing shower experience, and because I feel 'on the fence' about them, I'd like to compare them to a similar product from another range.

I'm becoming increasingly drawn to less chemical based beauty products, and although there are many varieties and brands readily available to buy on the high street or even in the supermarket, there is something about the ones I have tried so far that I'm just not quite satisfied with. Is it because I am so used to the 'squeaky clean' skin and hair that all the added chemicals in everyday products give? Who knows? I am interested in finding out though!

I would love to hear your opinions on natural/nearly-natural beauty and cosmetics, and which brands you like, or hate. Do you think that more natural products are too expensive to compete with the usual 'go-to' shower gels and beauty products we all know and love?

Love, Edie xx

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