Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Super Easy Halloween Nails

Halloween is almost upon us, and there is no better excuse to wear something fun and fancy on your nails. I am usually found wearing either a nude, deep burgundy or bright red polish, and I don't often choose anything else. Between those three essential shades, I find my nail polish will compliment any outfit, but for Halloween, I like to go a little bit crazy with my nails!

Today I thought I would share a very simple design to try on your nails, that can easily be tweaked to fit your own tastes. I painted my natural nails because I am giving my nails a break from enhancements for a while, so I was 'length limited ' in creating an elaborate or detailed design.

This design is particularly suited to those of you with nails that have some free edge that you want to enhance and emphasise. The V shaped tip, creates the illusion of longer nail beds, so it is a handy little trick to remember.

The polish I used was a very bright orange (Boots 17 Orange Soda), but you could try using another shade, but I thought that a bold, almost glowing, pumpkin shade fitted the bill perfectly, and is bound to get noticed. I can imagine a red polish working well with the black V shaped tip though.

First, I gave my nails one coat of polish over base coat, I then painted each nail individually, and followed with a sprinkle of orange, superfine craft glitter. For the black tips, I used black acrylic paint, although black nail polish would work just as well.

The super cute little nail decals were applied with tweezers, and topped off with two coats of top coat. (CND Super Shiney) It is really important to seal the decals in with two coats of top coat, or you will find they chip off very quickly.

There are endless design possibilities using these very cute Halloween decals. They are quick to apply and easy to remove. Ideal for anyone who isn't quite steady handed enough to create freehand designs. Have fun creating your own Halloween designs!!

Love Edie xx

Nail Decals are available from Viva la Nails
17 Nail Polish is available from Boots


youlittlebeauty said...

Love this look! I might have to try some v-shaped tips, looks great.

xXxStundonxXx said...

These look fab! x

Edie said...

The glitter doesn't show very well in the photos :-( they look so much better in real life!!

Aimee said...

Amazing! They are fab!

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