Thursday, 10 November 2011

Beautiful Swarovski Crystal Embellished Tweezers and Nail Files from Mont Bleu

I am a HUGE fan of sparkly things, glitter and embellishments - but I particularly love Swarovski Crystals. There is nothing quite like them, so I was particularly thrilled to discover this Czech company called Mont Bleu, who produce gorgeous crystal embellished glass nail files, and supply other embellished items like hairbrushes and little accessories. 

Super Sparkly Swarovski Elements

Being a beauty therapist and nail technician means that I am always on the lookout for new tools and products for my kit, as well as items that I can recommend to my clients. These little treasures would make great gifts for Christmas, and there are so many colours and designs to choose from - Mont Bleu even produce the most unique hand painted designs - with or without the crystals. 

I would be thrilled to get one of these
in my Xmas stocking!

The quality of the products is really high - I found the tweezers really nice to use. They are sharp, and the rubberised coating makes them comfortable to hold. They have the crystals on both sides. I haven't used the glass file yet, it is too pretty and I can't stop admiring it!!

Glass nail files do take a bit of getting used to, they feel totally different to using other types of nail abrasive. 

There are many benefits to using glass files as opposed to traditional emery boards, 
here are a few to consider:

  • They have a much finer grained abrasive surface than other types of nail abrasives, which means they are much gentler on nails, resulting in less splitting and peeling.
  • Easy to clean and sanitize, just wash with hot, soapy water (this also removes the dust that builds up within the abrasive during use - improving the file's performance)
  • Can be used on both natural nails and enhancements (wet the file for use on enhancements)
  • Super tough, extremely durable and long lasting, you should expect a glass file to last YEARS!

All in all, these little beauties definitely get my approval. It is well worth checking out their website to see the vast array of designs, colours and stunning products they offer. Mont Bleu will even customise them to order, so if you would like your name or initials on a glass file, just drop them an e-mail!

Professional Quality Tweezers

Prices start from as little as 8 Euro (£6.87) for a Mini Glass File, 
and the purple tweezers in the pictures above retail for 12 Euro (£10.25).

Mont Bleu's e-shop can be found here

More info about Mont Bleu can be found at their website here


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