Sunday, 20 November 2011

Budget Beauty - Spa Paradisa Body Balm vs Benefit Bathina Body Balm

The Christmas party season is fast approaching, and the thought of getting my legs or arms out in public is frankly....quite terrifying. I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to help me 'fake' a more streamlined set of limbs though, and when I spotted this product at Savers, I had to try it out and compare it to my trusty Benefit Bathina Body Balm (which I will not be taking a photo of, due to the total mess it has become during the time I have owned it! Shame on me!), in the hope of saving some pennies.

Body balms with a hint of shimmer can be used to give the illusion of slimmer and longer legs, (or arms) by just sweeping a fine layer, down the front of them. Just a touch of balm applied across the décolleté, can quickly amp up dull winter skin, into red carpet worthy glowing skin....with no fuss at all.

By bouncing light off all the right places, illuminating body balms add a real touch of glamour to an evening look. Think of the soft focus, dewy and luminous skin that you see on so many celebrities. 

Spa Paradisa Body Balm costs around £4.50, for 45g tin, which is an absolute steal compared to Benefit's Bathina - which is around the £20.00 mark for a 42.5g tin.

So, huge difference in price....but how do they compare as products? 

I think the stand out difference is the texture. I find the Spa Paradisa is a lot more waxy than Benefit's Bathina. The smell is also very different - Bathina has a much softer, floral fragrance, which is almost old fashioned - which I suppose matches the 'retro' theme of the packaging. It says on the Spa Paradisa tin - 'Passionfruit Fragranced' however, it is a very, very synthetic fragrance - 'fruity bubble gum' is how I would describe it, definitely not to my taste.

The colour of the products is different, although it is hardly noticeable when they are blended out on the skin.

In the swatches, you can see the Bathina is much more pink with a gold shimmer, and the Spa Paradisa shows a silvery-white shimmer.

I think that the products do perform differently, and having been a huge fan of the Bathina balm for a few years, I won't be switching to the 'dupe' from Spa Paradisa.

They are both packaged in the neat little tins, and include a velvety puff for application (Benefit's latest packaging is super cute). Spa Paradisa would probably be better for a drier skin, with it's waxier texture - and for the price, it isn't a bad product (It would make a good stocking filler for any teenage girl!). It will certainly perk up and illuminate skin for Christmas parties, just as well as Bathina can, but if you have used the Benefit product before, I would not recommend this as an alternative.   

You can purchase Benefit Bathina here and the Spa Paradisa range is stocked by Next

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