Sunday, 13 November 2011

Champneys Mediterranean Bliss Body Glow Review

This scrub from the Champneys Spa Indulgence range at Boots, combines the exfoliating properties of both salt and sugar, alongside olive stone granules for optimum skin smoothing benefits. Rich in super moisturising oils and butters - including shea, coconut and olive, it really does leave the skin glowing.

I have had this body scrub for a good few months, but I had forgotten all about it. Now the weather is changing, it seems like a great time to pull this out and add it to my bath time routine, for smooth and glowing winter skin.

Salt Scrub Benefits:
  • Salt draws out impurities from the skin
  • Salt also has natural skin healing properties
  • Using a salt scrub can improve blood circulation 

Sugar Scrub Benefits:
  • Sugar is finer grained, and gentler on the skin than salt
  • Sugar scrubs can be used before and after shaving, and won't sting
  • Sugar has natural chemical exfoliation properties (alpha-hydroxy), so on top of it's abrasive grains - it acts like a double exfoliant
  • Sugar is a natural humectant, and will not draw moisture out of the skin like salt

This Mediterranean inspired scrub has a coarse 
and grainy texture

It is quite difficult to work this product into the skin. The packaging recommends applying to damp skin, but even then it can be quite difficult to manipulate. Definitely not a great product for anyone with sensitive skin - it really does feel quite abrasive, and with the main ingredient being salt, if you have any shaving nicks or broken skin - it will sting like crazy. 

I would also steer clear of this scrub if you are looking for a 'pre-tanning' exfoliant. With it's high oil content, it will create a barrier on the skin and your false tan won't penetrate the skin and develop properly.

The fragrance is really unusual, it wasn't what I expected at all. 

I am really not the best at describing scents, but I would say it is has a very strong, but fresh aroma, with a slight hint of a marine type note. I would give it a sneaky sniff before you purchase - as it is definitely not to everyone's taste. No fruity, or obviously floral notes - and it is STRONG.

It is best suited to people with drier skin types, who are looking for a real heavy duty skin scrub - and gorgeous, glowing skin. This rich and dense exfoliator does make a good winter skin saviour, and gives a great circulation boost when used. Beautifully packaged in striking green and gold, it looks rather nice on the bathroom shelf too. It is slightly on the pricey side, at £12.00 for 200g, and to be honest, I don't think I would buy from this particular Champneys range again. 

Have you tried any of the body products from the Champneys range? What body scrub will you be using to perk up your skin this winter? 

Love Edie xx


Ms. Champagne said...

I've been wanting to know what this smells like actually. Is it very Spa-y? I need exfoliators so badly in the wintertime on elbows and knees. I wish we had a Boots in Canada :'(

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