Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Cuticle Oil - The Facts

In my 10 years as a nail technician, I have noticed that so many people pass up on buying a good cuticle oil. I thought I would write a little post about the benefits, and why I believe it really is a good investment if you like to look after your nails, and NOT something that your manicurist will try and persuade you to buy, just to bump up her commission.

Cuticle oil works on ALL nail types

Whether you have soft nails, weak nails that break as soon as there is any sign of free edge, or super hard or brittle nails - cuticle oil is still a good investment for your nail kit.

If you wear nail enhancements - cuticle oil is your new best friend. Why?? Because it penetrates the enhancement and fills all those microscopic gaps/air bubbles within the acrylic/gel and makes the enhancements much stronger, and more flexible.

So, which ones are worth buying?? 

Here are my 3 favourites - and why I like them.

  • OPI Avoplex - This is my personal favourite, simply because it worked well on my nails. It has a slightly thicker viscosity than others I have tried, and is also available in a gel form - Avoplex Cuticle Oil to Go. 

  • CND Solar Oil - This has won countless 'best buy' awards in magazines and many beauty experts swear by it. Use this oil on your nail enhancements every day, and you will find they are so much stronger. When it comes to removal, your natural nails will have reaped the benefits also.

  • Jessica Phenomen Oil - I adore Jessica products, and this oil works wonders on the cuticle area. Not as easy to get hold of, but worth trying out.

'Why can't I just use plain almond oil?' 

I am asked this question so many times, and there is a genuine reason why these specially designed oils work better than plain olive oil, almond oil or vitamin E oil capsules.

Cuticle oil contains a unique blend of oils that, when combined are able to penetrate the nail, open up the layers and allow maximum absorption of the 'good stuff', deep into the nail plate. The more often you apply, the deeper it goes, and the better it performs.

Vitamin E oil alone cannot penetrate the nail, so combining it with other oils such as Jojoba, allows it to be drawn into the nail.

How to use it -

SPARINGLY!!! Cuticle oil is potent, so there is no need to slather nails in it. The best way to use it is to apply a tiny (really, very tiny!) drop to the cuticle area and then massage in. If you overuse it - your nails will adapt to it, and it will become less effective. (I used Solar Oil as a manicurist/nail tech for so long, that it just didn't work on my nails any more, which is why I now use OPI Avoplex).

I hope this was a helpful post, and that you give cuticle oil a try - especially if you are a fan of enhancements.

Love, Edie xx


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Li Ying said...

Wow learnt something new here! Thanks for sharing!

Edie said...

Thanks for your comments! I'm so glad it was helpful!! x

Little Miss Em said...

Very helpful, I find my nails are weak and peel due to being in harsh chemicals and latex gloves constantly. I thought a good cuticle oil may help hydrate my nails and make them a little more robust. X

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